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The Arcadia Valley Region and Black River Recreation Area Near St. Louis in the
Missouri Ozarks

The Arcadia Valley Region and Black River Recreation Area are havens for the avid sportsman or woman. The diverse terrain of the St. Francois Mountains and Ozark Valleys are full of oak and hickory forests, flowing rivers, and numerous lakes and streams. This habitat diversity provides homes for a multitude of wildlife.  Our directory provides numerous National Forest and Wilderness Areas and State Forests and Wilderness Areas in our region where fishing is permitted.

The Black River (see below)
Mark Twain National Forest
Crane Lake Conservation Area & Trails
Marble Creek Recreation Area & Trail
Silver Mines Recreation Area & Trail

Sutton Bluff Recreation Area
Council Bluff Lake Recreation Area
Millstream Gardens Conservation Area
Deer Run Conservation Area
The Black River - Fishing

The Black River provides scenic shut-ins, deep pools of clear water, and limestone bluff walls with natural rock out-croppings, which form beds for the most sought after “sport fish”, the smallmouth bass. Just east of the Black River the St. Francis River flows, offering the outdoor enthusiast several interesting challenges. These rivers are a pleasure for spin-cast anglers and fly fishermen alike. They provide a natural habitat for game fish like bass, crappie, walleye or muskie, and for non-game fish such as sunfish, carp, drum and gar. Mr. Whiskers and his scavenging cousins - the channel cats, blue cats, bullheads and flatheads - swim beside other “bottom feeders.” These strong fighters make the catch an event no angler will forget. Catfishing methods vary. Some sportsmen prefer floating the rivers, while others fish from the banks by pole and line, trout-line, throw-line, limb-line, bank-line, jug-line or noodling (a new take on fishing using only your hands—also called hogging). 

Each gigging season, frogs and suckers go into hiding under the root wads of fallen trees. When entering a backwater pool or wetland, be prepared for a feeding heron or osprey to startle you while taking flight. These areas support a variety of plants and wildlife such as bullfrogs, green frogs, and the spot-handed and Ozark crayfish. They also provide a haven for reptiles and aquatic salamanders like the protected hellbender.
Why not go fishing while taking a leisurely float?   Black River floating is a pleasure for veteran and beginners alike, offering an ever changing outdoor experience spring through fall. The river is clear and beautiful as it gently moves through dense wooded forests and green meadows, winding past tall cliff walls dotted with caves and fern greenery. Click here to go to a directory of Missouri outfitters on the Black River.  Many provide boat shuttles for those of you who own your own boat.

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  For a directory and links to lodging, cabins, cottages, motels, hotels, bed and breakfast inns, lodges and campgrounds near Missouri hunting and fishing opportunities in the Black River Recreation Area and Arcadia Valley Region, please
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Missouri Hunting & Fishing Guides:
The opportunities are unlimited for that trophy hunt or that memorable fishing trip you've always wanted when you engage a local guide. Robbie Chadbourne was born and bred in this region and has been an active sportsman since he could bait a hook or hold up a firearm. To arrange your next guided hunting or fishing expedition call Robbie 573-854-2514.

For the best in sporting goods, guns, hunting, fishing and camping equipment stores in our region, please click here.

To learn much more about the Missouri Vacation Opportunities in the Arcadia Valley Region and Black River Recreation Area including dining, shopping, entertainment, historic towns and landmarks, civil war history, float trips and other abundant recreational activities available in our region, please visit www.missouri-vacations.com  Find out why this is the outdoor recreation capital of Missouri!

(Please note: There are numerous designated hunting and fishing areas to be found on public lands and in designated conservation areas in our region. Please respect private property. With connections through friends or acquaintances, willing landowners often give permission to hunt or fish on private property.)

For an atlas of public lands the Missouri Department of Conservation owns, leases or manages for public use in Reynolds County or Iron County click here.  Search by County.  For other Federal lands in our region please click here.

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