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Ketcherside Mountain Conservation Area
The Royal Gorge Natural Area (visible from Highway 21 just south of Ironton), is a portion of this 3,276 acre segment of the St. Fancois Mountains Natural Area.  Hike or backpack through igneous (ryolite) glades and cliffs, scarlet oak-pine forest, oak-hickory forest and a headwaters stream of the Ozark Natural Division.  Mostly forest, birdwatchers will find glade and forest birds.

Hunt for deer, squirrel or turkey.  With a special use permit, furbearer trapping is also allowed.  Horseback riding is permitted on roads open to vehicles.  The Taum Sauk section of the Ozark Trail passes through Ketcherside Mountain Conservation Area (Horseback riding is prohibited on this section of trail). Nuts, berries, fruits, mushrooms and wild greens can be found in abundance and may be taken for personal use.  Highway 21, 5 miles south of Arcadia/Ironton.

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(Please note: There are numerous designated hunting and fishing areas to be found on public lands and in designated conservation areas in our region. Please respect private property. With connections through friends or acquaintances, willing landowners often give permission to hunt or fish on private property.)

For an atlas of public lands the Missouri Department of Conservation owns, leases or manages for public use in Reynolds County or Iron County click here.  Search by County.  For other Federal lands in our region please click here.

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