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"A two-fold wildlife goal of Mark Twain National Forest is to maintain viable populations of all species while also
affording a medley of activities that will allow humans to enjoy them -- everything from hunting and fishing to wildlife
viewing and photography." USDA Forest Service

The Mark Twain National Forest is popular with hunters, trappers, anglers and persons who enjoy observing, studying and photographing wildflowers and wildlife. The Forest has about 320 species of birds, 75 species of mammals and 125 species of amphibians and reptiles.

Game species include whitetail deer, turkey, quail, woodcocks, doves, ducks, geese, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, woodchucks, bobcats, and coyotes.
Named after Missouri native, Mark Twain, the Mark Twain National Forest is located in 29 counties across southern and central Missouri. Our St. Francois Mountain section is known for its clear spring-fed rivers and streams, lakes, rocky bluffs, pastoral views and shaded trails. The forest gets a variety of visitors through the year including spring and fall, when color changes the forest. In the spring, serviceberry, redbuds and dogwoods paint the winter landscape in pinks and whites.

In the fall starting mid September, the oak hickory forest transforms from greens to yellows, peaches, reds, burgundies and dark purples. The height of fall color is usually mid-October.

Except where posted otherwise, hunting and fishing with a valid Missouri license is permitted on National Forest lands. Bicycles and mountain bikes are generally permitted on trails but may be prohibited, such as in designated wilderness areas. Motorized vehicles may be used only on open Forest roads or designated ATV trails. There are designated trails for ATV use (permit required) at Sutton Bluff Recreation Area. All other use of motor vehicles is prohibited.

The following wilderness and recreational areas on our hunting tour in our region, Sutton Bluff Recreation Area and Council Bluff Lake Recreation Area are located within the Mark Twain National Forest complex and are directed and controlled by the USDA Forest Service.  Some provide camping opportunities.  For more information on camping and permits, please see the USDA Forest Service website here.

  Mark Twain National Forest lodging, cabins, cottages, motels, hotels, bed and breakfast inns, lodges and campgrounds near Mark Twain National Forest hunting and fishing opportunities in the Black River Recreation Area and Arcadia Valley Region, can be found here.

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The opportunities are unlimited for that trophy hunt or that memorable fishing trip you've always wanted when you engage a local guide. Robbie Chadbourne was born and bred in this region and has been an active sportsman since he could bait a hook or hold up a firearm. Robbie also arranges hog hunts. To arrange your next guided hunting or fishing expedition call Robbie 573-854-2514.

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(Please note: There are numerous designated hunting and fishing areas to be found on public lands and in designated conservation areas in our region. Please respect private property. With connections through friends or acquaintances, willing landowners often give permission to hunt or fish on private property.)

For an atlas of public lands the Missouri Department of Conservation owns, leases or manages for public use in Reynolds County or Iron County click here.  Search by County.  For other Federal lands in our region please click here.

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